Search Engine Optimisation



So you have created a website that reflects your brand; it looks great, it contains plenty of information all about what you do but no one is visiting it…

Do you want your website:

1: Sat, waiting for anyone who has been given the website address and the occasional few who stumble upon it to visit it?


2: Found by people searching for terms relevant to your product or service?


Which is going to generate more business for you?


If you want your website seen by the maximum number of people possible you need to make sure the search engines can find it


What are search engines?

Google | Bing | Yahoo | Ask | AOL Search are all “search engines”.  When you “ask the internet” to find you something you are using a search engine.  Generally people won’t trawl through page after page of search results looking for what they want, they will look on the first page or two so it’s really beneficial if that’s where your website can be found.


How can we achieve this?

Unfortunately there is no magic wand you can wave to get your website on the front page of a search engine listing.  The more websites competing for the same business, the more tricky it is.

First of all you need to work out the people you want to attract to your site – what they are looking for and what they will be typing into a search engine to find you.

Once you have worked out the terms you want to optimise your website for there are a number of ways of making it appear further up the search engine listings.  These vary slightly from search engine to search engine.  As an example here is the Google search engine optimisation starter guide.

When we first build a website we take steps to ensure that the website is set up to perform well for any terms you give us.  However, in a competitive market this is an ongoing task.  This is why many companies specialising in website optimisation are charging hundreds of pounds a month for their services.  The text that appears on a page is critical to how it performs and when you give us the content for your website you need to bear this in mind.  Keeping your website content up to date and relevant is also critical.

Whilst we don’t purport to be experts on search engine optimisation, we are certainly able to advise you on techniques available to improve your search engine rankings.  Please contact us for more information.